Here is a breakdown of how I rate books on a 10 star scale:


0 stars – Burn this book now!

I can’t imagine what this book would be. Maybe an autobiography of a soulless Hollywood socialite or a gluten-free diet book, but I can’t recall actually attempting to read such a thing.


1 to 3 stars – Not worth the time to finish.

Now I probably finished the book – especially if it’s close to three stars – but you should probably pass. There are way too many good books for you to waste precious reading time on these. Just be glad someone has done you a favor and warned you away. ex. Don Quixote (unabridged version), Left Behind series


3 to 5 stars – An okay book – read if it interests you.

There’s nothing wrong with a book in this category. It just didn’t spark something in me that would cause me to recommend it. Maybe some would like it more than I. Throw-away paperback fluff is the feeling I’m going for here. ex. many Dean Koontz novels, The Da Vinci Code


5 to 7 stars – Now we’re talking!

Now we’ve gotten to books that get a thumbs up by my reckoning. Over 5 stars, I believe the book is better than the average find. I hope that the majority of my books will end up in this category. I am trying to pick winners. These are the solid reads. Maybe not life changing, but good reliable stories. They make the world go round. ex. Nevil Shute novels, Orson Scott Card Sci-fi


7 to 9 stars – Why are you reading this when you could be reading these?

These are the special few that are getting my strongest recommendations. The closer to 9 stars the quicker you should be getting a copy. I feel that these books have that extra something that transcends the common place word-smithing. These could be the jewels of your library. You will want to share them with others. ex. Lord of the Rings, Snow Crash


10 stars! – These are mine.

A 10 star book is one that has a special place, not only in my library, but in my life. Only a few prized selections have earned this rating. I would think that I would agree with others more on my 9 star ratings than on my 10 star ratings. These books are the ones that have spoken deeply to my soul. They have helped to make me who I am. I would love for you to read them too, but I can’t promise they will change you as utterly as they have me. If I come across one such book in a decade, I will be happy. ex. Perelandra by C.S. Lewis, Descent into Hell by Charles Williams



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